With over 25 years of providing home infusion services for those we serve in our communities, Vital Care strives to provide quality, cost-effective services that result in an enhanced quality of life for our patients.

Infusion therapy involves the administration of a medication through a needle or catheter into a vein. With the assistance of skillfully trained pharmacists and nurses, many patients may receive infusion therapy in the comfort of their home.

Home infusion therapy can be a safe and effective alternative to inpatient care for many disease states and therapies. For many patients, receiving treatment at home or in an outpatient infusion suite setting is preferable to being in the hospital. Many Vital Care pharmacies provide our patients with infusion suites which are ideally suited for specific patient-therapy situations.

Home infusion therapy might be right for you if your doctor prescribes a treatment that can be safely given in your home by skilled nurses and pharmacists. Also, if your doctor instructs you to receive your treatment in a clinic on a routine basis, you also might be a candidate for home infusion therapy. Though some medications need to be given in a controlled setting, like a hospital or clinic, many medications can be given safely and cost-effectively in the home.

As your community's home infusion pharmacy, Vital Care:

  • Offers our patients a comfortable way to receive their necessary treatment.
  • Prepares your medications under sterile conditions in our clean preparation rooms.
  • Dispenses all supplies needed for the medication to be administered safely and appropriately.
  • Provides professional pharmacy consultation on the use and monitoring of each patient's infusion therapy.
  • Assesses and monitors patients on a case-by-case basis, coordinating therapy with the patient's physician, local nursing agencies, and family members.
  • Provides personal delivery of all needed equipment and supplies.
  • Provides all patients with our 24/7 call service.