We help you efficiently and effectively refer patients to our state-of-the-art home infusion services.

We help your patients heal at home, while serving them with dignity and respect.

This means Vital Care is a better way for you to serve more patients with the best home infusion service possible. We help you cut through the red tape.

We know how because we are healthcare professionals, too, with over 30 years of home infusion experience for those we serve in our communities. We are home infusion pharmacists, nurses, and billing & collections professionals who are caring, passionate people ready to help. We partner with you, the referring expert, to provide patients with professional, compassionate, safe, and cost-effective infusion services that truly make a difference.

Our referral rhythm makes things go smoother by guiding you through our simple five-step process:



“Vital Care made me a hero by helping me serve my patients more efficiently. The Vital Care team is so easy to work with. They cut through bureaucracy, which makes my life easier and my patients’ lives better.”

“I have been able to accomplish so much more, and help so many more patients, by partnering with Vital Care. Thank you!”

Step 1 - We consult with You as a Teammate

  • Learn About us at www.vitalcareinc.com, on Facebook, and/or LinkedIn, and/or by calling us at (601) 482-7420.
  • Contact Us at (601) 482-7420
  • Let us provide patient evaluation and consultative services.
  • Give us your red tape to cut for you, making your workload easier for you and better for your patients.

  • Learn About Us

  • Contact Us

  • Let Us Provide Patient Evaluation

  • Let Us Cut Through Your Red Tape

Step 2 - We Do the Insurance Work for You

  • We conduct patient benefit verification and qualification.
  • We review the costs of therapy, what insurance covers, and any payment plan your patient may require.
  • We personalize a plan that helps your patient transition back to their home.

  • Conduct Patient Benefit Verification

  • Review Costs & Coverages

  • Personalize a Plan

Step 3 - We Verify the Orders & Therapy Plans

  • We coordinate your patients’ care with you and your whole healthcare team.
  • We verify the therapies and orders with you.
  • We schedule an appropriate time to review with you.

  • Coordinate Your Patients' Care

  • Verify the Medicines

  • Verifiy the Treatments

  • Review with You

Step 4 - We Support You 24/7

  • We are available to you and your patients by phone or email.
  • We help you assess and monitor your patients on a case-by-case basis, coordinating with everyone involved.
  • We provide personal delivery of all needed equipment and supplies.
  • We will handle all administrative items.

  • 24/7 Support

  • Patient Assessment & Monitoring

  • Personal Delivery of All Items

  • Administrative Handling

Step 5 - We Follow-up for You and Stay with You

  • We will stay in touch with you.
  • We will stay in touch with your patients.
  • We will handle any outstanding administrative or insurance items.
  • We will help get you and your patients get back to a normal routine.

  • Staying in Touch with You

  • And with Your Patient

  • Handling Admin & Insurance

  • Helping You and Your Patients

As your community’s home infusion pharmacy, Vital Care:

  • Offers your patients a comfortable way to receive their necessary treatment.
  • Prepares each patient-specific medication under sterile conditions in our clean preparation rooms.
  • Dispenses all supplies needed for the medication to be administered safely and appropriately.
  • Provides professional pharmacy consultation on the use and monitoring of each patient's infusion therapy.
  • Assesses and monitors patients on a case-by-case basis, coordinating therapy with the patient's physician, local nursing agencies, and family members.
  • Provides personal delivery of all needed equipment and supplies.
  • Is in network with with most insurance plans.
  • Provides all patients with our 24/7 call service.

Contact our Patient and Provider Care Coordination Center at 1-601-703-2221 for assistance related to:

  • Patient evaluation and consultative services
  • Discharge support for the home setting
  • Patient benefit verification and qualification
  • Insurance coverage criteria

Vital Care Home Infusion Services is a network of individually owned and operated infusion pharmacies specializing in providing high-tech services to rural and urban patients throughout the United States.

Supported by an office staff of specialists in pharmacy, nursing, nutrition, and quality management, the owner of each local Vital Care Pharmacy will provide the most progressive infusion services to each and every patient.

Home infusion therapy can be a safe and effective alternative to inpatient care for many disease states and therapies. For many patients, receiving treatment at home or in an outpatient infusion suite setting is preferable to being in the hospital. Many Vital Care pharmacies provide our patients with infusion suites which are ideally suited for specific patient-therapy situations.

With over 30 years of providing home infusion services for those we serve in our communities, Vital Care strives to provide quality, cost-effective services that result in an enhanced quality of life for our patients.

Be Your Patient's Hero