August 17, 2020 For Immediate Release

Vital Care, Inc. expanding reach with virtual Vital Starts franchising workshop

Meridian, MS, August 17, 2020 -- Despite the challenges presented to the world by COVID-19, Vital Care’s ( virtual Vital Starts ( event conducted using GoToWebinar was a big success. With three-dozen attendees from across the United States, our virtual Vital Starts program has carried the momentum that has been developed over the past three years by our traditional in-person Vital Starts events around the country. And as the opportunities for Vital Care’s home infusion franchising market are abundant, we can only expect to host more events with more attendees.

A proven system to start and scale your own home infusion franchise, our Vital Starts events introduce you to our leadership team, and we describe in detail how to begin a franchise. With support from the entire Vital Care corporate group, starting a local pharmaceutical franchise is easier, and more fulfilling, than ever. From planning, to building, to negotiation, Vital Care’s network of medical experts grants you access to the top resources so your patients can receive the top service from day one, while knowing that at home is better, and at home is safer.

Jim Kodman, owner of ADVance Care Pharmacy in Pennsylvania, and franchise partner since 2015, says of the franchise system, “Vital Care has been invaluable with the services, the assistance, the contracting, the billing, and the clinical expertise that they provide. Really without them it wouldn’t have been possible to get where we are today.”

With constant support from conception to execution, Vital Care’s Vital Starts system helps you meet your local community’s needs more directly and manage local healthcare costs, increasing healthcare provisions in your area.

The Vital Starts system aligns with our Vital 500 plans for future growth. The Vital 500 initiative aims to increase our sales revenue to $500 million by the end of 2024. The three-dozen attendees of our virtual Vital Starts event are now a part of this initiative and will help us achieve this goal.

One Vital Starts attendee shared,“Vital Starts gave me the confidence to continue the process of creating a franchise. Knowing I have the support from Vital Care assures that I can support those in need in my community. With the information I learned at this event, I am excited to move forward with my franchising goals and by doing so, I am helping Vital Care achieve theirs.”

Christian VonDrehle, Vital Care’s Director of Sales, said“Future Vital Starts events are anticipated to continue attracting people from across the country who share similar values about their work and the people they work for. Expanding our Vital Care franchise network into the more rural, local communities, means there is not only less competition from big companies but also more healthcare availability for those with greater needs and too little access. This success on the smaller, more local scale inspires success nationally.”

Our Vital Starts program is designed to help anyone realize their personal and business goals. We do not reserve our support for medical professionals, but we cater to anyone who dreams of investing in themselves and making a difference in their community. With the constant support of our Vital Care corporate staff, independent pharmacists, healthcare professionals, health system executives, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a passion for business and prosperity should attend our future Vital Starts events.

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